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Our Roofing Company in Muskegon is Committed to Safety

When it comes to finding a professional roofing company in Muskegon, it’s key to seek out a company with a history of safety. Sherriff-Goslin’s “Safety First” program was created to demonstrate our clear, unwavering commitment to protecting our customers and employees.

All of our employees are given extensive safety training and the equipment that they use meets – or exceeds – OSHA regulations. More importantly, all of our workers are fully insured, which affords our customers peace of mind. Holding true to our core values – quality, integrity, and safety – we want all of our customers to know that – if the unexpected happens – they are absolved of liability.

Sherriff-Goslin Safety First Roofing Program

Sherriff-Goslin Safety First Roofing Program

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