Long-Lasting, Economical Shingles from the Premier Roofing Contractor in Muskegon

As the most trusted roofing contractor in Muskegon, we’re often asked: what is the best option for long-lasting, cost-efficient, and beautiful shingles? Our answer is always the same: Sherriff-Goslin’s Art-Loc® interlocking shingles! Because of their unique design and appearance, Art-Loc® shingles have the ability to add character to any roof. Best of all, they offer the highest impact resistance available, combined with Scotchgard™ Protector to prevent the spread of algae, and an unmatched 10 year free service guarantee!

Our Art-Loc® interlocking shingles are designed with wind resistance as the first priority. Because of their design, it is notably more difficult for wind to compromise the shingle. If you live in an area that is prone to high winds, thunderstorms, or wintery blasts, there’s no question that these shingles are the best option for you.

Beyond wind damage and cost-efficiency, Art-Loc® shingles are resistant to hail damage. With no corners or edges exposed, there is less opportunity for hail to damage your shingles. And, with their UL class 4 impact resistance rating – due to their unique composition – they’re guaranteed to withstand extremely difficult conditions. Manufactured with SBS, a polymer that rubberizes the asphalt, Art-Loc® shingles aren’t just stunning in appearance, they’re built to last.

At Sherriff-Goslin, we are proud to offer Art-Loc® shingles, the absolute best shingles on the market. If you’re considering a new roof, we encourage you to call Pete Dall, y’all and get ahold of the best roofing contractor in Muskegon.